easySDR USB Dongle


Product may vary slightly from image representation.
These device are currently unavailable because tuner chips used for their manufacturing are not available on the market. I'm still trying to find a source to buy these chips.

Device manual v1.1: English language
easySDR DLL v1.3 + firmware v1.3 + bootloader: download
HDSDR v2.11 (www.hdsdr.de): download
USB Audio Debug Test: download
easySDR DLL v1.2 source code download

EasySDR experimental firmware v1.3 96kHz sampling rate: download

easySDR is a Sofware Defined Radio receiver designed for operation with personal computers. It is intended to work with a freeware HDSDR application run on top of Microsoft Windows operating system.

- 64 MHz - 1700 MHz frequency range,
- 48 kb/s audio bandwidth,
- DLL interface for HDSDR application,
- small device size: 37x22x78 mm

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