PLXTracker + GPS-RS232/Microsat/2


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Bundle includes:
- 1 x PLXTracker,
- 1 x GPS-RS232/Microsat/2.

More info about individual devices is available on our product page:
PLXTracker - APRS Tracker
GPS-RS232/Microsat/2 - GPS receiver (minidin 6-pin)

What our customers say...

I was looking for a more cost effective solution compared to a well known American alternative for in vehicle APRS tracking and came across the Microsat PLX Tracker. It has exceeded my expectations! The build quality is superb and the initial set-up was so simple. The fact that it can be plugged directly into a PC with a USB connection with a standard HID driver is fantastic. Why do so many other manufacturers of radio kit still insist on serial to USB cables! The configuration software is very straightforward and didn't require much change other than callsign. I'm using the kit with a Yaesu FT-7900 and just be aware that the mini-DIN cable connector (CAB-18) for radio connection snags on the radio chassis. I had to trim edge of the connector back to enable it to push in correctly. This is a Yaesu problem as they haven't made the chassis hole big enough - probably a deliberate ploy by them to make you buy their cables! Overall very nice purchase and highly recommended.

Rated by Tim Weston
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