WX3in1 Plus 2.0 - APRS Advanced Digipeater/I-Gate


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Configuration software for Windows:
WX3in1 Plus 2.0 Configurator v1.13 (installer): download
WX3in1 Plus 2.0 Configurator v1.13 (zip file): download
Device manual v1.09: download

Microsat devices feature comparison: download

Packet decoding efficiency
We made some packet decoding efficiency tests using well known WA8LMF TNC Test CD. Results are as below and they are repeatable:
  • device is able to decode around 981 packets from Track 2 of WA8LMF TNC Test CD v1.1 (preemphasized audio),
  • device is able to decode around 960 packets from Track 1 of WA8LMF TNC Test CD v1.1 (not preeamphasized audio).

APRS station
WX3in1 Plus 2.0 allows you to generate APRS data packets with information field defined by user and send them in a specified interval. In this way, it is possible to send beacons, objects, weather and telemetry data.

APRS digipeater
The main purpose of the device is receiving and sending APRS data packets via amateur radio transceiver. WX3in1 Plus 2.0 is capable of receiving an APRS packet, decoding the sender, recipent, path and information field. Then actions are performed in accordance with the options configured by user:
  • Packet is digipeated via the APRS network,
  • Packet is sent to the APRS-IS server,
  • Packet is ignored if it was corrupted.
Device firmware implements the following mechanisms:
  • Checksum Verification - packets with errors are ignored,
  • Anti-flood - packets repeated in a short time interval are not forwarded,
  • Path checking - a decision whether to digipeat a packet or not is made using a filter stored in configuration data of the device. User defines whether to forward WIDE1-1, WIDEn-N, SPn-N, or local path packets and the maximum value of N (so called New-N paradigm),
  • Area filter – allows to digipeat packets only from stations located within a defined radius from the device, within a defined radius from a point on the map or within a rectangle defined by north-western and south-eastern point on the map,
  • Callsign filter - a simple callsign filter allows you to add stations to black list (these stations will be ignored) or white list (only these stations will be digipeated).

RF -> APRS-IS forwarding (I-Gate)
WX3in1 Plus 2.0 allows you to connect to APRS-IS server network. After logging to selected server, it is possible to gate data received from the APRS radio network. All packets with correct format and checksum are forwarded to APRS-IS.

APRS-IS -> RF forwarding
WX3in1 Plus 2.0 allows you to receive packets from APRS-IS server. Then a decision is made whether to gate a packet to RF or not. It is possible to forward different types of packets based on a filter defined in device configuration. APRS message packets can be forwarded to stations which were heard on RF within limited number of digi-hops (local RF), and they are repeated up to 3 times in case of no ACK packet received from message recipient.

GPS support
WX3in1 Plus 2.0 allows you to connect an optional GPS receiver module to report current position in APRS and APRS-IS beacons. Therefore it is possible to use it with a moving station and display a real-time position on the map.

Bluetooth interface support and a KISS TNC operation
Firmware version 1.08 adds a functionality of a KISS protocol TNC allowing to forward received packets via optional Bluetooth interface connection to an external device (e.g. Android smartphone). It is also possible to receive packets from Bluetooth and send them to RF. Thereby it is now possible to use the device as a Bluetooth TNC.
Tests were made with APRSDroid 1.3.0 giving a nice ability to show received packets on the application map and allowing to send packets from mobile phone to RF.

KISS via TCP/IP packet output
This feature allows any networked device to connect to WX3in1 Plus 2.0 TCP/IP port and receive packets in KISS format without a need to use of a Bluetooth module. At the time of writing of this manual revision (firmware v1.09) KISS via TCP/IP is only one direction (RF → TCP/IP). KISS via TCP/IP was successfully tested with APRSDroid 1.3.0.

APRS-IS simple server
APRS-IS simple server allows any networked device to connect to WX3in1 Plus 2.0 TCP/IP port and receive packets in APRS-IS format. APRS-IS simple server connection is bi-directional (RF → TCP/IP, TCP/IP → RF) and it also allows to exchange packets with currently connected APRS-IS T2 server. This feature allows third-party software to use WX3in1 Plus 2.0 as a gateway between network and radio channel.

Weather station support
WX3in1 Plus 2.0 allows you to receive weather information from weather stations via the RS-232 cable. Data is then encoded into the APRS packet and may be sent to APRS network at specified intervals. Additionally WX3in1 Plus 2.0 allows you to send weather data to APRS-IS server.
Supported weather stations:
  • LaCrosse/Technoline WS-2300,
  • LaCrosse/Technoline WS-2350,
  • Peet Bros Ultimeter 100,
  • Peet Bros Ultimeter 800,
  • Peet Bros Ultimeter 2000,
  • Peet Bros Ultimeter 2100,
  • Davis Vantage Pro (with RS232 datalogger),
  • Davis Vantage Pro2 (with RS232 datalogger),
  • Davis Vantage Pro Plus (with RS232 datalogger),
  • Davis Vantage Pro2 Plus (with RS232 datalogger),

Weather Underground service support
Weather Underground is one of the biggest weather services available on the web. It allows you to create an account for your weather station and send weather reports which are stored in their database. Data is then available for view in form of graphs, tables or a simple web page applet showing current conditions in your location. Everyone can send his weather data using a simple internet protocol.
In WX3in1 Plus 2.0 you can configure your Weather Underground account name, password and send weather data in preconfigured time intervals. You can also send your weather data in "rapid fire" mode every 5 seconds and see your weather changes realtime using their web page applet.

Telemetry reports
Device allows you to send telemetry reports to APRS/APRS-IS network. Possible telemetry channels are:
  • received APRS packets in 1 hour or 10 minutes window,
  • digipeated APRS packets in 1 hour or 10 minutes window,
  • packet decoding efficiency in 1 hour window or in the whole range from device power-up,

WXTelemetry module support (analog channels)
You can get more telemetry report options when using external WXTelemetry module. With WXTelemetry module you can measure and send following values:
  • two current measurement inputs,
  • two voltage measurement inputs,
  • DS18B20 digital thermometer input.

WXBits telemetry module support (digital inputs/outputs)
You can use an additional WXBits module for reporting of digital input channels and administration of output channels. WXBits is a module which includes:
  • 4 optocoupler digital inputs,
  • 4 mosfet transistor open-collector outputs.
States of both inputs and outputs can be reported in APRS telemetry reports and outputs can also be controlled with WX3in1 telnet interface.

RTC clock and NTP time synchronization support
With WX3in1 Plus 2.0 you always have the current date and time thanks to NTP support. Device connects to a defined NTP server every few minutes and checks for the current time. Local passage of time is handled by on-board RTC clock with a battery.

Direct DS18B20 thermometer input
On the rear panel of WX3in1 Plus 2.0 you can find a 1-wire connector for DS18B20 thermometer. Measured temperature can then be sent using beacons or as one of telemetry channels.

Firmware and configuration updates
In WX3in1 Plus 2.0 you can do all firmware and configuration updates over an USB cable connection from your PC using a simple Configurator application. If your device is located in a remote location, you can update firmware and configuration over TFTP protocol.

Remote WWW access
With WX3in1 Plus 2.0 device it is possible to configure and view device statistics remotely via web browser.
Below you can see 2 of 13 available configuration pages (as in firmware version v1.41).

Remote telnet access
You can connect to your WX3in1 Plus 2.0 device with a telnet client. Telnet connection allows you to check all device operation messages, read device statistics, send some test packets useful during installation, control digital outputs of WXBits module, and much more.

Device back panel
Below you can see device back panel with power, RS-485, DS18B20, serial ports and radio connectors.

Device printed circuit board
Below you can see a photo of a device PCB. It is a compact design mounted on a high-quality 2-layer PCB manufactured in Poland. Every unit is mounted and tested by me.

What our customers say...

nice unit - wish there was more info on suggestions how to set up as a stand alone digipeater for the learners among us

Rated by Thomas Kennedy

I really like this unit. It was easy to set up and works very well. It frees up my PC for other things meaning my IGate can stay on 24/7. Nice. I may well get a second unit...

Rated by Richard Newstead

This device has been simply outstanding. I have it set up with a Kenwood TM-V71A at home with an indoor antenna and the decoding ability of this unit has been awesome! Currently I'm averaging about 86 percent decode efficiency with some tweaking I did on the input side. The software works great and is easy to navigate. Trust me I've seen and experienced some horrendous software and this software does what it's supposed to do without a hitch. I also like the network connectivity feature of this unit as I can log in anytime over my network and see device statistics and change settings in real time which is a plus. The only thing is I wish this unit had some implementation of SSH instead of telnet so I could securely log in remotely to monitor activity via a terminal session. Telnet tends to transmit everything in plain text including username and password. SSH would encrypt all of that information where I would feel more comfortable setting up remote access through my router. This is just a minor nit pick of mine that doesn't take away from the overall functionality of the unit. Overall a fantastic standalone IGate/Digipeater solution a great price point. 73 James Nicklas N0ALE

Rated by James Nicklas

Fantastic unit,all in one and easy to set up.If you forget it,it stay running for years. Here 24/24 7/7 and never problems.

Rated by Axel Van Bellingen

Hello, Device installed, 2 notes: The longest: Wait for the device by the delivery company. The hardest part: The soldering on the micro Din 6. :-) The ideal for the Radio cable, is to take with shielding to ground to avoid returns in the equipment. ;-) A DIY idea for the future, a small interface to make Ethernet galvanically isolated Greats Georges / ON2KGC

Rated by Georges CABAY

I have 7 of these in operation... all have been full proof, work as they should. I would like to eventually (if possible) see built in wifi but regardless the ethernet set up does work very well. Simplicity with software to program the unit is very easy to set up whatever settings you need for your application. Weather station connectivity worked very well for me as well. I was using a Peet bros model 2100, the igate sent data to weather underground as well as aprs. I will be definitely buying more of the Wx3in1 igates. Thank you for a great line of products. Adam VE3MUN

Rated by Adam

Purchased the WX3in1 and 10 (or so) days later it was in my mailbox. Quickly hooked it up, and soon was able to replace my trusty-rusty old KPC that had been running as N7UV for the past decade or so. Why replace? The KPC required a PC to connect it to the network, and so to the Internet. The pc itself was a maintenance issue, and an unnecessary bit of kit inbetween. Once the pc power supply died a few months back, I finally chose to go with one of these. First time with Microsat. Worked right out of the box, and got network running quickly and can configure and monitor it from my workstation in the main part of the house. The machine has been solid and up for nearly a month, the only times I need to reboot is when I change some configuration parameter. Currently at 3+ days with the following statuses: RF packet starts detected: 43922 RF packets received (CRC OK): 38347 RF corrupted packets received (HEADER ERROR): 4829 RF corrupted packets received (CRC ERROR): 465 RF corrupted packets received (END FLAG NOT FOUND): 281 RF decoding efficiency (total): 87.3% RF decoding efficiency (last hour): 78.4% RF bytes received: 3076225 While I'm on the side of a hill in PHX and have a long view, I'm getting a good error rate. To boot, I automatically got dc voltage and with a DS18B20 laying about, I was able to get temperature. Considering getting the telemetry cards next. Fine product. Cheers and 73 - Jon N7UV

Rated by Jon

I'm a n00b to APRS and love the simplicity and robust nature of the network. I wanted to help bolster it, and Mateusz has developed a very impressive piece of hardware for me to do so. The WX3in1Plus 2.0 is top-tier hardware for APRS-IS gating, digipeating, and weather telemetry integration and reporting. It will do one, two, or all modes simultaneously! I give my complete and unrelenting recommendation to buy and integrate this product in your setup. My full review and buying experience can be found here: https://www.curtiscomputers.com/microsat-wx3in1-2-0

Rated by Alan Curtis - KK7FIU [Verified Buyer]

Best device ! Thank you very much !

Rated by DO1NGT [Verified Buyer]
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