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Poznan, 11 April 2022

For around 18 months (from early 2021 or even from late 2020) we are experiencing more and more severe problems to get many popular electronic components used by our manufacturing. In my 15 years of professional work I never experienced such problems before. Price of many of electronic components was raised by 500 to 1000 percent and some o them are not available at all or require allocation. Allocation means that we need to order parts, often pay for them in advance and wait for availability for many months, for example until middle 2023.

My suppliers say that this situation is caused by unprecedented demand for electronic parts, possibly caused by end of COVID19 pandemy and related market changes. Personally I do not believe this because largest manufacturers like STMicro, Microchip, FTDI, etc. had more than 18 months to adjust their production according to market needs. In my understanding, the general rule is that raised market demand should generate raised manufacturing of necessary components. And this does not happen. For some reason they do not want to raise manufacturing and sales of parts which were used around the world for many years. Largest electronic parts resellers have 0 stock levels for most of their offer and delivery times for late 2023.

The above problems affect many of our products. I'm working hard to make stocks of hard-to-reach parts but this is not an easy task for small companies like mine. I also put a lot of work to evaluate possible replacement parts for our products to keep the manufacturing without major design changes. But this costs a lot of time and money, especially for testing and evaluation of modified designs. As much as I can, I stick to a rule not to change designs which are working reliable.

I tell you about all of this because I want you to know that I'm working hard to maintain the quality and accessibility of my products. The situation on semiconductor market should stabilize sooner or later and we need to make it through this difficult time.

All products which are not marked as out of stock, are available and ready for sale!

Mateusz Plocinski
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