ADAPTER01 - PLXTracker/PLXDigi cable adapter


Product may vary slightly from image representation.
This small adapter board allows you to use WX3in1 Plus 2.0 radio cables with PLXTracker and PLXDigi line of devices. Device can be powered with a standard 5.5/2.1 barrel power connector.
Additionally you can directly connect RS-485 telemetry modules or a DS18B20 thermometer in "parasite" mode (please use only original Maxim/Dallas thermometers as chinese clones do not support "parasite" powering sheme).
Latest news
PLXTracker Blue
23 October 2023

I have a batch of 10 x PLXTracker Blue freshly manufactured. A lot of people were asking for them so I just let you know that they are in stock again. :)

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