RPTC/GSM - Repeater controller with GSM


Product may vary slightly from image representation.
SIM900D GSM modules are no longer manufactured so unfortunately I have to remove this product from my offer as these modules cannot be replaced without design changes.

RPTC WAV file converter v1.0 download

Configuration software for Windows v1.18 (installer): download
Configuration software for Windows v1.18 (zip): download

Device driver for Windows: download
Device manual v1.11: download

RPTC is an amateur radio repeater controller. It implements a function of broadcast sustaining during relation and acknowledges it with sound tone which signals that the station reaches the repeater. This basic circuit has been enhanced with voice welcome messages and beacons which may present the parameters of repeater, power, position, etc.
In addition, the system was equipped with GSM module for remote control of the repeater. Implemented functions are:
- remote turn on and turn off 1750Hz tone detection
- remote turn on and turn off,
- access protection to repeater hardware with SMS notification of cabinet violation,
- listening to the repeater with phone call,
A wide range of settings like time, length, frequency of tones, and telegraph sign, enriches the repeater with a great features that everyone can set individually according to design requirements.

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