GOTEKHANDLE/OSD - Gotek Frame/Handle for Amiga 500 with OSD


Product may vary slightly from image representation.
This Gotek frame/handle is compatible with Amiga 500 computer. It can be mounted in place of original floppy drive and screwed using original screws and spacer elements. Then you can place a standard Gotek drive on top of the frame/handle, connect four-wire connector and you get a Gotek drive with OSD and a buzzer imitating original drive step motor sound.

This is only a frame/handle with OSD processor, you need to have a standard Gotek floppy emulator with FlashFloppy firmware to use this product!

On-Screen-Display presents the information about currently selected ADF image file, track number, read/write operation, etc. It can be used instead of external LCD screen to show all important emulator information directly on the screen.

This OSD works only for displays connected to Amiga rear panel RGB output.

Please make sure that your Amiga has exposed pins on rear side of video connector (like on a photo with grippers connected)! If it is covered with plastic, then you may not be able to use OSD hardware without additional soldering as you will not be able to use grippers.

For OSD to work properly you need to use an included cable with standard grippers (the same as used in simple logic-analyzer equipment) and connect these grippers to proper pins on the rear side of Amiga VIDEO connector (see photo). There is no need to solder anything inside of the computer to make it work!
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