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Hello amateur radio community
My name is Mateusz Plocinski and I am an owner and a sole worker of Microsat company located in Poznan, Poland. Microsat was founded in 2011 when I decided to leave my old boring job in a CCTV company and try to do something on my own. My interests were digital electronics and microcontroller designs involving communication over internet and GPS tracking. In the same year I familiarized myself with Automatic Position Reporting System and found it very interesting. In fact it was my first meeting with amateur radio. Few months later I received my amateur radio license, SQ3PLX callsign, and started to play with my APRS designs.
Quickly I realised that this company may be a very good method to combine my electronics hobby with a support of my family. And so it goes.

Below you can see me with my son Tymon in front of Natural History Museum in Berlin (september 2015).

And this is my workshop located not far from my home. A little modest but I dont need anything more for development and testing. Most PCB SMT mounting is currently done by my local business-friend company but all through-hole soldering and all the testing is done on this table. I never let out any of my devices without in-depth testing for proper operation.

In spring 2016 I bought an iconic US army 25-years old HP8560A spectrum analyzer for a little more fun with VHF transceiver modules.

Latest news
New ULARI in stock!
31 May 2021

Finally I have a new batch of 50 units of ULARI Transceiver VHF7W Duo2 and at least 10 new units of ULARI ECO Radio Interface ready for sale in my stock. Please check my ULARI product pages and www.ulari.net website for more datails about these fine Linux-based devices.

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